Adding Whiteout to areas of a PDF

The Whiteout Tool makes it really quick and easy to cover up any existing text and other content on a PDF document where you can frame a box around any areas of your PDF to apply whiteout or redact (black) boxes. 

When the Whiteout Tool is selected as the active tool, you'll see 2 toggle switches to the right of the Tool Bar for changing the color between White or Black (requires DocHub Pro) and choosing between Box or Text for the style of annotation. The Text option is ideal if you only want to whiteout or redact the embedded aka digital text within the area that you frame with your mouse cursor or finger. The Box option will fill the entire boxed area with white or black. By default, the tool will be set to Whiteout Box annotations until you click on either of the toggle switches.  You'd need to upgrade to DocHub Pro in order to use the Redact (black) options for both Box and Text redactions. 

Whiteout or Redact by framing a BOX over an entire area
The 'Whiteout/Redact Box' tool lets you frame a box over any area of your document you want to cover or erase with whiteout. Here's how:

  1. Left-click or lay down your finger on the outer edge of the area you want whited out or redacted. 
  2. Keep holding the left or primary button or keep your finger on the screen while dragging to the opposite side of the desired area you want to be covered with a white frame.
  3. Release the button or lift your finger to complete the frame and add the whiteout annotation to the boxed area of your PDF. You can always resize, move, or delete any of the boxes later on.  

This tool will create perfect rectangles or square annotation windows that are entirely filled with white space which you can then add any other annotations on top of the whited out area if you'd like to add new text over it using the Text Tool. You can learn more about how to do that in our article for How do I remove or edit existing text on a PDF?You can also view our article What PDF editor tools does DocHub offer for annotating & signing documents? to find out more about all of the different types of annotations DocHub lets you add to your documents as well as instructions for how to use each one.

Whiteout or Redact TEXT only
The other Whiteout tool in that menu is designed to help you erase or redact text on your PDF exclusively without it adding any whiteout space to the surrounding areas outside the rows and paragraphs of text. The 'Whiteout/Redact Text' tool totally simplifies this type of document markup and helps turn what once was a very tedious and labor intensive task into a much more efficient, automated process.

To use the text whiteout tool, the actions you take are basically the same as highlighting text on a webpage or a document. Here's how:

  1. Left-click and hold your finger on the page just outside the area with the text you want to white out or redact. 
  2. Keep holding the left/primary button or keep your finger on the screen and drag across and down over the text on the page. 
  3. Release the button or lift your finger when you've reached the last of the text you want to whiteout or redact. Any text to the right of where you released the frame will remain visible on the page even if it's within the window frame. Drag the cursor or your finger across and over any text you missed. You can always resize, move, or delete the annotation later. 

DocHub will automatically detect and ID any digital or embedded text on your PDF and only apply whiteout over the text that you specifically dragged the cursor or your finger on and over. The white area(s) will appear as neatly formatted blocks that are lined up perfectly with the baselines and top of each row of text while leaving the areas outside the rows of text as they were before. 

The Redact (black) option is a premium markup tool for Pro users, so you would need to upgrade to DocHub Pro in order to unlock and use it on your documents, but all DocHub Pro subscriptions begin with a 30 day free trial which gives you full access to Pro. So you can try everything out before the actual subscription begins and have the option to cancel at any time and still keep your free account and still be able to access all of your documents and other personal data.

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