Send and receive PDF documents via fax

DocHub totally simplifies faxing PDFs and other documents and lets you e-fax documents with only a few clicks.

We offer 3 payment options for e-faxing documents via DocHub. Choosing which one is best for you, depends on the number of pages in your documents, how often you need to e-fax documents, and whether you also need to receive faxes. The billing for DocHub Pro, the fax subscription, and individual e-faxes are kept separate:

Sending an outbound fax

To fax a PDF, just open your document and click on File menu DocHub_UI_-_File_menu_button.png > Send > Fax.


Send one-time individual faxes

$1.99 per fax for documents up to 25 pages with no subscription required and includes a cover page by default.

DocHub Pro

DocHub Pro provides subscribers with up to 35 outbound fax pages per month, unlimited editing and signing of PDF documents, and several premium annotation tools.

Receiving inbound faxes with a DocHub Fax Line

If you need to also receive faxes or send more than 35 pages in a single fax, we offer the DocHub Fax Line for $9.99 per month which includes up to 100 pages of inbound and outbound e-faxing where you choose an inbound fax number in the area code of your choice. Any inbound faxes to your e-fax number will appear in your Fax Inbox.

If you send or receive more than 100 pages during a billing cycle, we automatically raise your page limit by an additional 100 pages for another $9.99; we won’t charge you for it until your next invoice and billing date. To see a counter showing the number of inbound or outbound faxes in your current billing cycle and your outbound fax history, you can go to this page: 

If you subscribe to both DocHub Pro and DocHub Fax Line, we will combine your page limit to 135 pages per month.

Our DocHub fax success guarantee

If your faxed PDF isn't transmitted successfully, you won't be charged the single fax fee or be deducted for page counts on a monthly plan. You only pay when a fax is successfully transmitted (a handshake on the receiving end).

As a helpful guide, we’ve provided some  reasons why your fax may fail to go out  successfully:

  • Incorrect number or area code
  • The recipient's fax line is busy (keeps ringing)
  • The recipient’s fax machine can’t handle the paper size of the sent document

If you send a fax that was successfully sent and received, but the receiver can't find your fax because of hardware issues on their end, or the document otherwise becomes lost in their office, we will gladly resend your fax entirely free of charge. We recommend that you first inform the recipient that you successfully transmitted your fax according to your Outbound Fax History, which displays the status of any fax you've sent, and if your fax is still not found on their end, simply contact our support team and let us know the details of what happened. We'll help get your fax re-delivered at no extra charge.

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