Change the email address for your DocHub account or add an alternate email

If you'd like to change the email address associated with your DocHub account or add an additional email address as an alternate, you can do so in your Account Settings. Once you have more than one email added to your account, you can designate which one is the Primary email where you'll receive all account-related email notifications about sign requests, shared documents, and Pro billing, and it's also the that gets set as the Reply-To address when you send documents for e-signatures or as an email attachment or share link . Each DocHub account can have up to one alternate email added. 


Just go to and enter an email address into the field at the top and click 'Add email address'. This will send a confirmation email to verify that you own the email address. Once you click on the Verify link in the confirmation email, the new address will be officially added as a secondary email address for your DocHub account. 

Once the new email is added to your account and confirmed (verified), you can set the new address as the Primary email by clicking on the button to 'Set as primary' to the right of the email address in the list.

NOTE: The email you enter can't be associated with another active DocHub account, so if you did already create a DocHub account with that email address, you'll receive an error that the email is already taken. In this situation, you'll need to first delete that other account in its own Account Settings, and then once it's deleted, you'll be able to add it. Then, before deleting its DocHub account, be sure to download and save any documents you want to keep since those PDFs won't carry over to the account where you are adding the email as a secondary or new Primary email. The article below explains the many different ways to download and save your PDFs in DocHub:

Download or export your edited or signed PDF

You can only add one additional email address to any DocHub account. If you need to add a new email address and already have a secondary email that's been added, you'd need to delete one of the existing email addresses in order to free up a slot and add a new one. 

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