Other PDF document management tools

In addition to all of the PDF editor tools in DocHub, it also includes viewing controls such as Zoom In DocHub_UI_-_zoom_in.png or Zoom Out DocHub_UI_-_zoom_out.png which can be adjusted by using the buttons on left side of your document below the tool bar or by pressing Control-plus or Control-minus on a PC and  ⌘-plus or  ⌘-minus on a Mac.

Did you accidentally make an unwanted edit? Or, would you like to A-B compare a new edit vs. the way it looked before? DocHub also features Undo DocHub_UI_-_Undo.png and DocHub_UI_Redo.png Redo  controls on the Tool Bar or by pressing the keyboard shortcuts Control-Z and Control-Y on a PC or  ⌘-Z and  ⌘-Y on a Mac (Z = Undo and Y = Redo). 

To view an Activity log for your PDF document, just press A on your keyboard to toggle open the Activity panel or click on File menu Actions Toggle Activity Panel (A). This will display or hide this panel on the left side of your document showing a log for each and every action taken on your document including the date and time of the activity by you or any other users you've granted sharing permissions to the collaborate on the same file or if you emailed it as a Sign Request for someone to electronically sign your PDF. 

If there are any other PDF editing tools that you would like to see added to DocHub or have any feedback about the ones above, we'd love to hear your thoughts! You can do so by contacting us.

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