Email your document as a PDF attachment

DocHub offers several ways to share your PDF documents and includes two options for sending an email with your PDF attached. Your email will be set as the Reply-To address for both methods, so if the person replies to your email, their message will go directly to your email address.


As shown in the video above, here's how to send one:

  1. Click on the Share or Send Dochub_UI_-_Share_or_Send_button.png button in the upper right corner while viewing your document.
  2. Choose 'Send as Attachment' in the Share dialog that opens.
  3. Fill out the To: field and use commas to separate multiple email address.
  4. Customize the Subject & Body fields using the Edit button (if desired).
  5. Click on one of the options at the bottom:


If you have DocHub Pro and are sending a PDF with form fields, you'll also see two options for flattening the PDF before sending. The option to 'Flatten the PDF' locks all of the form fields and embeds them into the PDF as permanent text. Then, 'Rasterize pages' will convert every page of your PDF into a flat image.

The size limit for emailing documents in DocHub is currently 10 MB which includes both the size of the attachment plus the email itself, and with DocHub Pro, you can send up to 250 documents in any rolling 24 hour period to up to 20 recipients per email. Free accounts can send up to 3 emails a day to up to 3 recipients per email.

Send via DocHub 

This option sends your PDF attachment from with your email set as the Reply-To address.

To view a list of all of the documents you've emailed including the recipient's email address and customize your email footer that gets inserted at the bottom of all emails you send via DocHub, you can go to

Open as draft in Gmail

This option supports sending multiple PDF attachments in a single email using your Gmail address by selecting them in your DocHub Dashboard and using the Actions menu. It does require that your DocHub account be authenticated with Google.  DocHub will compose a new Gmail draft for you with your PDF(s) attached.

If your pop-up blocker is disabled, you'll be automatically taken to your new draft in Gmail where you just need to add recipients and send, but for most people whose pop-up blocker is turned on, you'll need to navigate manually to your Gmail Drafts folder  to finish and send it.

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