Create a PDF form by adding fillable fields to a document

In addition to using DocHub to fill out PDF forms and annotate documents, you can also use DocHub to create PDF forms  for other people to fill out and sign electronically from a variety of file types or from scratch by creating a blank document. DocHub's Fields Manager makes it easy for you to add fillable form fields such as  text, paragraph, checkbox, dropdown, signature, initials, and date/time fields. It's usually best to create a form as a PDF template especially if you plan to use the form more than once, but you can also create a PDF form with a regular document. To see the differences between the two, see our article What is the difference between a template and document?.

Once you uploadopen, or create a document, you can use the vertical layout of buttons on the left side to add any PDF form fields (if you don't see the Fields Manager choices, you can click on Edit Template or toggle the Manage Fields DocHub_UI_-_Manage_Fields_button.png​ button). Just select the type of field you want to add and click anywhere on your document to add one. You can keep clicking anywhere on your document to add more, and you'll be able to move or resize or delete any of them them after they've been added. The dropdown field is the only type that requires DocHub Pro

For each field you've added to your PDF, you can select it as the active field by clicking on it which will change the color of the horizontal bar above the floating window for that field from orange to blue. Then, once selected as active (blue), use the panel on the right side to assign that field to a Role on the Field tab by clicking on the role or person you want in the Assignee section. You can also check a box to make it a required field on the Field tab which is recommended for any fields your absolutely need your signers to fill in their information. You'll also see a Roles tab for templates or a People tab for regular documents. By default, a template will already have a Client role created for you, but for regular documents, you must enter a person's email address to assign that specific person to any fields. The bottom of the Field, Role or People tab also has a button to assign all fields to a certain role or person in a single click. Just choose one from the drop down menu and click on the Assign button.

For more information about assigning roles to fields and if you need to send a sign request for e-signature or for any type of form fill request, please see our article for

Sign Requests: Getting Started

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