DocHub offers a variety of ways to upload PDFs and other files to edit or annotate and request e-signatures or collaborate or to simply share the PDF with someone via email as an attachment or Share Link.

To import directly from within Google Drive or Gmail, you'll first need to connect DocHub to your Google account by going to your Google Drive and right-click on any file and click on 'Open with ' in the context menu and choose "Connect more apps". Then, search for DocHub in the Chrome Web Storeselect DocHub and click on  + CONNECT . You'll then see DocHub as an option in that same 'Open with ' menu for most of your files in Google. 

Go to the create New Document or New Template upload pages and choose from one of the Import File From options:

  • Computer - choose a file in the browse window that comes up.
  • Dropbox - login and allow access to your Dropbox files and choose one to import.
  • Google Drive - login and allow access to your Drive files and select one. 
  • Microsoft OneDrive - login and allow access and choose one to upload.
  • URL - type or copy/paste a URL for a document that is published to the web. 
  • Drag/Drop - drag a file from your computer into the DocHub window and drop it. 

Once the document or image file has been uploaded, it should automatically open the file as long as it meets the requirements of 30 MB or less and 1,000 pages or less, but if not, just click on the green Create Document button which will take you to the PDF editor with your file opened. If you want to just create a blank document from scratch without uploading any file, you can click on the Create Blank Document button without choosing any of the upload options. 

When you import files directly, they are automatically saved in your DocHub account and won't be removed unless you choose to Delete / Destroy it. 

You can also create a new, blank (white) document without even uploading a file on those same new Document or new Template upload pages and click on the button to Create Blank Document. 

Once DocHub is connected to your Drive, just right-click on any PDF, Word, Excel, PNG, JPEG, or other document or image files and choose Open with  DocHub. Your file will then be imported and opened in DocHub with a tool bar to edit your PDF

​You can configure your Google Drive to automatically open your PDFs and other files in DocHub by setting it as a default app. To set DocHub as a default app in Google Drive, just click on the gear icon in the upper right of your Drive choose Settings click on Manage Apps on the left side check the box to 'Use by default' for DocHub in the list click Done.  

Open an email with a PDF or other file attachment and click on the file to bring up a preview for it. Then, click on the "Open With" button above the document in the middle and choose DocHub. 

When you import files from your Google Drive or Gmail and if you do not have a DocHub Pro account, any unedited or unsaved documents are only stored in DocHub for 24 hours from the time of import. For more information, please see How long are my edited PDFs saved in DocHub? which explains you should have an exact copy of that file in your Google account anyway if you didn't make any changes to it in DocHub.

For duplicate PDFs from your
Google account, whenever you reopen an identical file from Google Drive that is already stored in your DocHub account, you'll be prompted for whether to Open Existing or Create a Duplicate. This prompt is there to help you avoid creating duplicates if you only want one copy of the file in DocHub or if you would rather make a separate, individual copy of it. 

Additional Support Information
If you have any issues uploading your document using any of the methods above, please see the article below:

I can't open or upload a PDF or other document


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