Uploading documents and PDFs to DocHub

DocHub offers a variety of ways to upload PDFs and other files to edit, sign, and share from your computer, Google Drive, Gmail, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and more. You can choose from the following upload methods:

You can also create a blank document from scratch without even uploading a file by going to https://dochub.com/new and click on the button to Create Blank Document.

Note: Your file must be under 30 MB and less than 1,000 pages.

Uploading files directly in DocHub


Go to your Dashboard and click New Document near the top left or go directly to the New Document or New Template upload page and choose the Source and other options:

Document Source


Drag/Drop or Browse & Choose files from your computer or any mounted external or network drives:

DocHub_UI_-_drop_file_here.png.      mceclip9.png

Cloud Storage

These open a dialog window to login to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box and browse files for import:



Enter the URL for a document that is published to the web. (Note: you can also do this in a web browser when viewing a PDF file via our Chrome Extension):



Document Privacy, Type, & Destination



You'll also see drop-down menus for Privacy, Type, and Owner (a.k.a. destination) which by default will be set to a Private, regular document owned by your individual user. See these articles for more information about these settings:

Who can see the documents I upload?

What is the difference between a template and document?

Uploading documents to your organization 

An organization has its own, dedicated upload page for documents that you want members to access. For more info, see: Uploading documents directly to your organization instead of your individual account.

If you've already uploaded the file to your individual DocHub account, you move it over to your organization by simply changing the Owner. See this article Transfer documents between your account and organization.

Opening files from Google Drive

You can connect DocHub to your Google Drive where you can simply double-click a file to open it in DocHub or right-click and choose Open With > DocHub. See these articles for more info:

Connect DocHub to your Google Drive

Open a file with DocHub from within Google Drive

Opening files from Gmail

Once DocHub is connected to your Google Drive, your email attachments in Gmail can be opened with DocHub app by previewing the attachment and click on Open With > DocHub, or any PDF attachments can be opened with DocHub's Chrome Extension. See these articles:

DocHub Chrome Extension Overview

DocHub Gmail Add-on Overview

Opening a PDF from a web address 

If you are browsing the web and open a PDF to view in your web browser, you can use DocHub's Chrome Extension to open it in DocHub. This will create a copy of it in your account.

Once the Extension is installed, just open a PDF from a search result or webpage, and you'll see a button at the bottom to Screen_Shot_2019-04-22_at_7.04.31_PM.png

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