Does it cost anything to edit or sign PDFs in DocHub?

It's entirely free to edit and sign documents in DocHub and share PDFs in a variety of ways such as sending a PDF document to a person to sign electronically which will make it just as legally binding as a signature on paper. With a free DocHub account, you'll just have some daily and monthly limits such as on the number of PDFs you can sign and send within a designated time period. These limits can all be lifted if you upgrade to DocHub Pro which also unlocks several more annotation and markup tools. DocHub is the perfect app for anyone who needs to edit PDFs, share PDFs, sign PDFs, request e-signatures, and collaborate on documents.

You can find out more about DocHub Pro and sign up for an annual or monthly subscription at the link below: 

All DocHub Pro plans start with a 30 day free trial and the choice to pay monthly or annually (you save almost 30% if you pay annually). You can downgradeto free at any time on the same page where you start a trial. If you're already Pro, you'll see a Downgrade to Free button below the Free column. If you are in the middle of a trial or monthly or annual subscription, when you downgrade to free, your account will remain Pro until your next billing date when you will be auto-downgraded back to our free plan without being charged.

If you need DocHub Pro for your school, company, or any other organization, we also offer non-individual Pro plan options at the links below. All of these group plans are tied to an organization in DocHub, so you'll need to create an organization first. You'll see a blue button to Start these plans or Create an organization (if you don't have one yet) at the bottom of these pages:

DocHub Pro for Business  

Academic Pro Plans 

If you are a school or university and need DocHub Pro for over 40 users, the Site licenses at the link above are the best deal, but if you have less than 40 users, we can still give you a 50% discount on our DocHub Pro for Business plan. After you've created an organization and have started a Pro trial, simply contact us, and we'll apply a 50% off coupon to your subscription so that you are only charged half price at the end of the 30 day trial and on all future billing dates.

We also offer fax only payment options for simply faxing documents which is $1.99 to send a single premium fax up to 25 pages or a monthly fax subscription for $9.99 that includes up to 100 inbound or outbound fax pages which includes a fax number in the area code of your choice for receiving faxes.

If you've found DocHub to be useful and have enjoyed using it, we'd really appreciate if you could take a moment to write a quick review for DocHub in the Chrome Web Store. You just need to use a Chrome browser and be logged in with your Google account.

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