Does it cost anything to edit, share, & sign PDFs?

DocHub is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to edit, share, and sign PDF documents or request e-signatures and collaborate on documents. This article explains what you can do for free vs. what requires DocHub Pro

Free Signup

When you signup for DocHub, you'll start off as a free account with the ability to edit, sign, and share PDF documents without paying anything. A free account just has some limitations on what you can do which includes daily and monthly limits on the number of documents you can upload, sign and send and limited access to some of our premium annotation and markup tools.

To learn more about the differences between a free account and one upgraded to DocHub Pro, see:

30 day Free Trial to Pro

When you upgrade to Pro, it will begin with a 30 day free trial and with the choice to pay monthly or annually (you save almost 30% if you pay once a year), and you can downgrade to free at any time on the same page where you start your trial. A credit card is required.

What payment methods do you accept?

Organizational Plans

If you need DocHub Pro for your school, company, or any other organization, we also offer group plans at the links below. All of these are tied to an organization, so you'll need to create an organization first.

DocHub Pro for Business

Academic Pro Site License

If you are a school or university and plan to need Pro for more than 35 users, the Site licenses at the Academic link above are by far the best deal, but if you have less than 35 users, please contact our sales team for a quote. This article has more info:

DocHub Pro pricing plans for schools


If you've found DocHub to be useful and have enjoyed using it, we'd really appreciate if you could take a moment to write a quick review for DocHub in the Chrome Web Store. You just need to use a Chrome browser and be logged in with your Google account.

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