I can't upload a PDF or other document.

If you are unable to open or upload a PDF or other files to edit or sign from within Google Drive or Gmail or when uploading directly on our site, first be sure to read the wording of the error for information about why it can't be uploaded. The error will usually provide you with the reason why your file is not being accepted.

If you are just getting a blank page, try clearing your cache

To view a list of the type of files you can upload to DocHub, see: What type of files can I upload to DocHub besides PDF?.

If you get a message about the file exceeding a size limit, check to make sure your file is under 30 MB and less than 1,000 pages by checking the file Properties or using Get Info and once you've verified that the file is not too large, simply try uploading the same file again and if it still fails, you should try a different web browser to see if it works.

If you receive a different error message or are still getting one about exceeding a size limit when you are certain it's under the limits, you should try uploading a different file of the exact same file type and similar file size, if possible, to help determine whether it may be an issue specific to that one particular file.

If you find that other files upload fine and only the original file is giving an upload error, please contact our support team for a Technical issue, and for a document-specific issue like this, it would be incredibly helpful to our investigation if you could attach the problematic file(s) to your support case using the Add File button near the bottom of our support form.This would also help resolve the issue faster. Let me assure you that DocHub takes privacy very seriously and attaching your document to your support case would only be used for troubleshooting and debugging purposes and to help isolate what may be causing the issue you’ve reported. Your file(s) and any data in it would not be shared with anyone. You can view our official Privacy Policy page and an article about it at the links below:


What is your Privacy Policy?

If you don't feel comfortable attaching the file to your case, please be sure to at least provide us with details about the file including its size, file type or extension, the number of pages, where the file originated (what app or device first created it?).

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