How do I delete my DocHub account?

When a user asks us to delete their DocHub account, they generally are looking to do one or more of the following:


Cancel a DocHub Pro Subscription

If you've signed up for DocHub Pro and want to cancel your subscription, you can do so at anytime by downgrading to the free version of DocHub.

Individuals with DocHub Pro can downgrade here:

Organizations with DocHub Pro can downgrade here:
dochub > your organization > settings > billing
(or where your-organization-slug is replaced with your organizations slug or domain)


Remove DocHub's integration with Google

Disabling DocHub as the default PDF Viewer in Drive

Occasionally a user will report that DocHub has been inadvertently set as the default PDF viewer for Google Drive.  Some people like this option, but others are left feeling like DocHub has overstepped its bounds.  To disable DocHub as the default option in Google Drive, go to: > ⚙️> Settings > Manage Apps
then uncheck "Use by default" as shown in the image below.

Removing DocHub entirely from Google

For many users, disabling DocHub's integration with Google is a one step process. Simply visit Google's permission management page and revoke access to DocHub.

If you've installed our Chrome Extension, you can remove it by either:
a) right-click the extension icon that appears in the top right of Chrome, then click remove from Chrome
b) visit and click remove from Chrome


Delete user and documents from DocHub servers

It's free to have a DocHub account, so little is gained if you delete it.  Before deleting your account, make sure you understand the difference between removing DocHub's integration with external services like Google, and deleting your data from DocHub servers.  Even if we delete your account on our end, your external services may need to be updated on your end.   For more info, see the section above titled "Remove DocHub's integration with Google."
If you choose to proceed, you can delete your user and documents from DocHub as follows:
1.  Sign into DocHub
2.  Go to settings > account, or click here: account settings
3.  Click the Account Deletion button at the bottom of the page


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