Open a file with DocHub from within Google Drive

DocHub is fully integrated with Google Drive which means you can enjoy seamless PDF transfers between your Drive and DocHub. You'll first need to connect DocHub as an app to your Google account by following the instructions in our article on How do I add DocHub to my Google Drive as an app to open & edit documents?.

Once DocHub has been connected to your Google Drive as an app, to open a PDF, Word doc, image, or other files from your Drive into DocHub for editing or signing, you can right-click on the file in your Drive and choose Open with DocHub - View, Edit & Sign PDFs. Or, if it's the default app (check the box to Use as default next to DocHub in Settings Manage Apps), you can simply double-click on a file to open it with DocHub. 

When you import files from your Google Drive or Gmail, they are only stored in DocHub for 24 hours from the time of import by default, so if you want to keep a more permanent copy of the file in DocHub and to be able to edit any previous DocHub annotations later on, please be sure to choose to Save in DocHub. Whenever you reopen an identical file that is already stored in your DocHub account, you'll be prompted for whether to View Previously Imported or Create a New Copy. This prompt is there to help you avoid creating duplicates. 

Another option to upload from Drive is to go to the file upload page on our website and click on the Google Drive option in the Import File section. 

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