What is the difference between a template and document?

When you upload a file to DocHub, you have the choice between creating a single use document or a template (master copy). If you would like to keep reusing the same PDF document and create a new copy for each signer to fill out, you'll want to upload it as a template on the New Template page. If you only need one version of your document (i.e. for single use), you can just upload it as a regular document on the New Document page.

All files opened from Google Drive or Gmail will begin as a regular document, but you can convert it to a template by clicking on File menu DocHub_UI_-_File_menu_button.png > Actions > Convert to Template. For more information, see the bottom section below or see: Creating and sending a reusable template.

Working with Templates

When you fill a copy of a template or send it as a Sign Request, a new copy is made, and all of its copies can be accessed in the Templates section by clicking on View Copies:


You can also view copies of a template with it open by clicking the View button in the upper left:


If you'd like to share a template for someone to sign or fill out, see these articles:

Sign Requests: Getting Started

Publish a PDF form to a webpage for anyone to sign and complete

Converting a regular document to a template

Open the document and click on File menu DocHub_UI_-_File_menu_button.png > Actions > Convert to Template. 



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