Download a PDF to your computer, tablet, or smart phone

If you don't need to share your PDF with anyone or if you'd just like to have your own local copy of a document, follow these steps to download your edited PDF to your computer, tablet, or smart phone:

  1. Open your PDF.
  2. Click on Download / Export  near the top right.
  3. 'Computer' should already be selected by default. 
  4. Make any adjustments for Format or PDF Options (explained below). 
  5. Confirm by clicking on  Download 

There will be two sections of options that you can adjust when downloading to your computer. The first is Format which controls the filetype. It will be set to .PDF by default for a lossless version of the document where all of your edits will be included and appear exactly how you see them in DocHub. The other filetype choice is .DOC (imperfect) which is a Word document format that is still in Beta right now. The other optional section that you can adjust is PDF Options that has checkboxes for "Flatten fields" (if the PDF that contains any active fields) and "Rasterize pages". You can only check these if you have upgraded to DocHub Pro. Flatten fields will lock all fields in the PDF and embed each one to your document so that no one can edit them further. Rasterize pages will render all page content such as digital text as images on the page so that people viewing the PDF can't copy it directly. 

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