Save or export from DocHub to Google Drive

The Download / Export modal allows you to easily export a PDF of your document's current state to Google Drive or elsewhere.

The Download / Export modal can be opened from the document toolbar or the document's file menu.  Additionally, the modal can be opened from the right-click menu in your dashboard.

Export Options

PDF Options

All PDFs will have a checkbox for 'Rasterize pages' which will render all embedded page content as images. If your PDF has any form fields, you'll also see a checkbox for "Flatten fields" which will embed all content in those fields to the page so that no one can edit them further. Both of these flatten options require DocHub Pro.


This option sets the destination directory within your Google Drive to export the file.  Click on Edit if you'd like to select a subfolder as the target directory. By default, this will be set to the top of your Drive (i.e. My Drive).

File Name

In case you'd like to edit the name of your PDF. This will only edit the name of the PDF being exported to Drive and won't affect the name of your document in DocHub.


Existing Version - Options if linked to Google Drive

If you see the section for Existing Version, and it mentions a document exists in Drive, then your document is successfully linked to a file within your Google Drive.  

The Existing Version section allows you to 'Reveal Existing File in Drive' and 'Discard Association'. The latter removes DocHub's link with the existing version it found within Drive (it will not remove the file itself).

If the file doesn't already exist in Google Drive, then then after you've exported a copy of the document to Google Drive, the document should become linked to that export, and the option should update.

If your file already exists in Google Drive but DocHub isn't displaying that the document exists in Google Drive, then you can link DocHub to the specific Google Drive file, by clicking "Locate and Link to Drive File."



Save As Options

You'll also see a Save As... section with the following 3 choices for how you want to handle the export.

Update existing with new revision

This will save a new revision of the file in the same location of your Drive. You can always access previous versions of the file by right-clicking on it in  Google Drive  and choose Manage Versions. 

For files in Drive that you've edited and saved over several times, Google does save snapshots aka revisions of each version of the file that you've saved which is very handy in case you ever need to revert changes to the file and access an older version of your file. To access these historical snapshots of any file, just right-click on the file from within Google Drive and choose Manage Versions.

Update and overwrite existing

Choose this if you don't care about reverting the file back to a previous version and want your edited or signed PDF in DocHub to be the final and only copy saved back to your  Google Drive

Create new copy

Choosing this will expand more options for selecting the destination folder or editing the file name. By default, it will be set to the top of your  Google Drive. To change it from My Drive, click on the Edit button below it in the Where section. 



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