Share your PDF via Share Link or Public URL

If you'd like to invite someone to view or sign a PDF document at a URL, DocHub offers several options where you can also control the level of access for those you invite to your PDF. By default, all documents you upload are initially set to Private which means only you and the people you invite to it and grant permission can view the document or make changes if you've given them annotation privileges. To learn more, see: Who can see the documents I upload?.

At both a Public URL and Share Link, the person can download your PDF, Make a Copy / Duplicate it in their DocHub account, or Fill a Copy (if it's a template).

To share your PDF, just Click on Dochub_UI_-_Share_or_Send_button.png Share or Send near the upper right corner while viewing your document and choose from these options:

Set to Public

This will publish the document for anyone to see at the URL shown in your web browser's URL address bar, and it also shows up in online search engines and on your Public Page so that anyone can view a read-only version at the URL displayed there. To learn more, see: Set privacy to "Public" and Publish a PDF form to a webpage for anyone to sign & fill out.

Get Sharable Link

This is similar to setting your document to Public, but the file won't appear on your Public Page and no one will be able to access the document URL with an authentication token added to the end of the URL. To generate this authenticated link, choose 'Get Shareable Link' in the Share window after clicking on  and copy the URL that appears. If you want to stop sharing at the URL, click on Remove below the URL field in that window. To learn more, see: Create a "share-link".

Share to Facebook or Twitter

Once you've chosen to Get Shareable Link and see the URL displayed in the Share window, click on Share Link on Facebook or Twitter below the URL displayed in that window to the right.

Set Document Viewing and Editing Permissions

For both Private and Public documents, you can invite people to view your PDF in DocHub and designate their access level as a Viewer, Contributor, or Admin in the window that opens up when you click on Dochub_UI_-_Share_or_Send_button.png Share or Send . To learn more, see: Add user permissions.

To learn more about sharing and sending your documents in DocHub, see: Share or send documents and PDFs.

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