View & download an Audit trail for your e-signed documents

DocHub keeps a detailed event log (aka audit trail) for all actions made to a Sign Request and filled copies by all parties so that you can provide added legal proof of your signed PDFs in DocHub, if ever needed. We have designed DocHub to meet all requirements of the US Federal ESIGN Act (enacted June 30, 2000) which establishes that electronic signatures are just as legally binding as handwritten signatures on paper. To learn more, see our article for Are DocHub eSignatures legally binding?.


This Audit page records and displays all of the information you'll ever need to backup and prove it's a legally binding document. This includes information about who signed the document including their full name, email address, dates/times, geolocation, and IP address. DocHub also keeps a record of  every action taken on the document including all signature, initials, and other annotations and displays these events in a timeline on the Audit page.

To access the Audit page for a Sign Request, click on the button to Manage and audit on the right side of the banner at the top of an open Sign Request document or add /audit to the end of the document URL. To access the Audit page from your DocHub Dashboard in the Sent section or Inbox, you can select the document that was sent or received as a Sign Request and click on the Actions menu above the list and choose Manage and audit.

To download the audit trail, use the Document Actions menu on the Audit page. You'll see options to download as its own document or as a combined document with the Finalized PDF. 


For even more legal backing and to help prove the authenticity of signed documents, all DocHub Sign Requests automatically create before & after document snapshots . These snapshots are saved as PDFs, and then we generate a SHA256 hex digest of each PDF and upload it into the Bitcoin blockchain

If you're looking for an Activity log for documents that aren't Sign Requests or filled copies of a template, see: Viewing an Activity log for documents in your Dashboard.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Audit trail for Sign Requests in DocHub, feel free to contact our support team.

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