What PDF editor tools does DocHub offer for annotating & signing documents?

DocHub completely simplifies the task of editing and signing PDF documents and other files and helps automate and streamline the task of requesting e-signatures from anyone using our very easy-to-follow Sign Request workflow which is the quickest and easiest way to ask signers to complete, sign, and finalize your PDF documents and make them just as legally binding as paper document signatures.  

You can also quickly create PDF forms from any document or from scratch using our Fields Manager which lets you add a variety of form fields to any PDF and turn it into a fillable form. 

With its long list of useful document management tools, DocHub is an essential app for anyone who handles PDFs for business or personal use, and best of all, most of its PDF editing and electronic signature tools are 
free to use.

Once you are finished editing or signing your PDF, DocHub offers several different options for sharing, downloading, and exporting your documents and is integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive

If you need to use DocHub more often, on a regular basis, for business, academic, or any type of organizational or professional use, you have the option to upgrade to DocHub Pro which is a paid subscription that raises the limits of a free account for sending and signing documents. The cost of DocHub Pro is much cheaper than most of our competitors without having to compromise performance, quality, or functionality. You can learn more about DocHub Pro on our pricing page.

The Tool Bar at the top of an open document in DocHub has a button for most of the PDF editing or annotation tools which are listed below unless noted as being in the Page Controls  or Manage Fields  panels which can be toggled open or closed by clicking either icons on the left side of the Tool Bar, or if it's a Template, just click on the  Edit Template  button in the upper right corner to display the Tool Bar and open the Fields Manager. You'll also find some of these annotation tools in the File menu  in the upper right corner, and for many of these tools, you'll see some fine tuning controls to the right of the main Tool Bar when selected.

After you upload a document to DocHub from your computer, Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or a 3rd party URL, you can begin annotating your PDF by selecting the tool you want to use on the Tool Bar and click anywhere on your document to add that type of annotation. You can add as many annotations as you'd like to your PDF and can always edit, move, or delete any of them after they've been added. Each annotation will have its own window, as a frame, around it. 


OVERVIEWHow to annotate & electronically sign PDF documents using the Tool Bar

How to add text to a PDF in a variety of fonts & colors
How to draw on a PDF with the freeform pen tool & assisted drawing for circles, rectangles, straight lines, & arrows
How to add highlighter to a PDF to emphasize certain areas of a document
How to add whiteout to a PDF or redact areas of your PDF that you want removed
How to add comments to a PDF in the form of a small stickie icon that can display or hide your feedback
How to stamp a PDF with checkmarks & hundreds of other shapes
How to insert images anywhere on a PDF by uploading an image file
How to electronically sign & initial a PDF document
What can I do with the Pointer Tool? The button that looks like an arrow
How to print your edited PDF documents in a printer friendly format with all of your annotations included
How to fill out PDF forms & enter your information into all of the fields



OVERVIEW: How to edit or add pages to a PDF using the Page Controls panel

How to use the Page Controls panel to reorder, rotate, delete, & add pages to a PDF
How to use the Page Controls panel to merge or combine PDF files with the open document


OVERVIEW: How to create a PDF form & add fields to a document for signature, text, checkmarks, & more using the Fields Manager

How to create PDF forms & insert a variety of fillable form fields to a PDF


OVERVIEW: How to view all Activity for a PDF, undo annotations, adjust the view, & other PDF management tools

How to zoom in & out while viewing a PDF
How to Undo & Redo annotations or edits made to a PDF
How to view an Activity log of all actions related to a PDF edited in DocHub

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