I'm having trouble signing in.

You can sign in to DocHub two ways:

1.  [Recommended] Authenticating or signing in through Google, Dropbox or another oauth provider. 

Signing in with Google or another provider can be done from the DocHub homepage and various other pages through buttons that look like these:

If you're having trouble signing in, the first thing we recommend trying is signing in with Google, Dropbox or another provider.



2.  Signing in with an email address and password as DocHub specific credentials.

If your email account is not associated with Google or another oauth provider, or if you simply prefer the traditional email/password style login, then you can create DocHub specific login credentials for your DocHub account.  To sign in with DocHub specific credentials click on "sign in with an email address" or a similar option.  You should be prompted with fields looking similar to one of the two images below.  

If you are trying to sign in using a form that looks like one of the above two images, but you authenticated previously using Google, then it will not work as you have not setup a password with DocHub.  In this case, it's generally best to just sign in with Google or another provider as described in "1" above.

If you have not created a DocHub account before, then click through to the "Sign up" section.

If you have created an account, but your passwords not working, then click on 'Send reset instructions', and use "Forgot your password?" form details. 



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