How can I view billing history and receipts for my account?

Your billing dashboard

Billing for Users

Account billing details and history are available for users here:

Billing for Organizations

Account billing details for organizations are available here:
dochub > your organization > settings > billing
where your-organization-slug is replaced with your organization's slug or domain


Invoices and receipts

The invoices section is at the bottom of your billing page.  It lists historical charges applied to your DocHub account.


Upcoming/future charges

If you have an active subscription with DocHub, then the section titled "Upcoming Invoices" will preview your next invoice. 

If you see "No upcoming invoices," then you are not enrolled in any DocHub subscriptions and no future charges are currently planned to be billed to your account.

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  • You explain how to have invoices but in reality we can download only receipt ! How can I get the invoices?

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