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This article provides an overview of how to share or send documents from DocHub. Techniques to share or send your document include the following:

In addition to these techniques for sharing and sending, documents can be downloaded and exported.  Download and export features are covered in this article: Download or export your edited or signed PDF


Accessing Share Settings

From your Dashboard (
Share settings can be accessed from your DocHub dashboard by right-clicking any document, then selecting "Share or Send."

While viewing a Document
Share settings can be accessed while viewing a document by either clicking the "" button or Menu > "Share or Send..."

Once opened, you should see a modal similar to this one:



Add user permissions

User permissions can be created or modified from the Share or Send dialog.  User permissions allow you to add permissions to a specific document for a specific user.  Do not share a document using these types of permissions if you are trying to add permissions for a "Signer" -- instead see Add a signer and send a "Sign Request"

The main privileges granted by the various permission levels are as follows:

  Admin Contributor Viewer
Can view, copy or download document
Can add/modify/delete content  
Can rename/edit title/destroy document    
Can add/modify permissions for other users    
Can add/remove Share-Link    


Add a signer and send a "Sign Request"

If you need someone to sign a document, then you need to add the user as a "Signer" from the "Send Sign Request" modal.

Unlike standard user permissions, the Signer permission involves the Sign Request life cycle, an instant authentication link, user verification features, the document's audit trail and more.

To learn more about Sign Requests, see: Sign Requests: Getting Started


Share within a DocHub organization or team

You can share a document with your team or a group of users by setting the permission setting for document "Owner" to an organization.  If you don't already have an organization, follow the steps here to create one and add team members: Creating a DocHub Organization.

Once you have an organization created, toggle the "Edit..." button next to "Privacy and Owner."

You should see the option to change the document's owner to the organization from within the owner dropdown.

Once the document is owned by the organization, its members will have access to the document as dictated by the person's role in the organization and the document's Privacy setting.

Organization members with the organization roles of Owner, Admin, Content Manager or Teacher can view and edit all documents within the organization.

Organization members with the roles of Agent or Student can only view documents in the organization when the document Privacy setting is set to Organization Viewable or Public.

You can learn more about organization roles here:  Organization Roles and Permissions


Set privacy to "Public"

If you want to share your document on a website or in group email and the document doesn't contain sensitive content, then you may consider making a document Public. To make a document public, open the Share or Send dialog, then toggle the "Edit..." button next to Privacy and Owner, then select the Privacy setting "Public."

Public documents can be viewed (but not edited) by anyone on the internet.  Additionally, your public documents will appear on your personal or organization's public page. To see what your public page looks like as the outside world would, open[your-name] in a private browsing window and substitute [your-name] with your personal or organization's DocHub domain or slug.

You can view all of your public documents here:

To learn more, see: Publish a PDF form to a webpage for anyone to sign & fill out


Create a "share-link"

A DocHub Share-Link is created by clicking "Get Shareable Link" from the Share or Send dialog.  A Share-Link allows anyone with the URL to view, download or copy the document or template. Only users with Admin privileges can manage a Share-Link.

A DocHub Share-Link is similar to setting a document's privacy to Public, except that:

  • The document will not appear on your public page
  • The document cannot be found by search engines
  • Only people with the share link can view the document 



Email as Attachment

DocHub's "Email as Attachment" features lets you send outbound emails with your document's current state as an attached PDF.

For more information about sending as an attachment, see: Send your document via email as a PDF attachment


Create draft in Gmail

See Email as Attachment


Send a fax

You can send the current version of any document as a fax by going to:
Menu -> Send -> Fax


After sending the fax, you'll be notified of its delivery status by email.  Additionally, outbound fax status can be viewed from your fax settings:

For more information on sending a fax and pricing options, see: Send and receive PDF documents via fax



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