Receiving a sign request as the signer


Receiving a sign request from someone else

We'll show you in this example animation what a sign request looks like to the recipient signers.

Instant, one-click, authentication for signers
In this example, we've used a yahoo account to test with (any email can be used). The first thing to notice, is that when a signer clicks the view document link, they are automatically authenticated as the signer with only that one click.

Digital signature agreement
To ensure the signature is legally valid, the signer must agree to use digital signatures before continuing to sign the document.

Sign Here Flag
The fields designated for the signer are clearly marked with an animated "Sign Here" flag to keep the signer on task.

Signature Field
If a user already has a signature stored in DocHub, then the signature field can become a one-click process where the signer's previously saved signature will get applied and stamped into the field. If the user is new to DocHub, when they click to sign the field, they'll be prompted to create a new signature in DocHub which will then be applied into the field.

Once the signer has completed making changes to the document, they will be prompted to "Finalized."  Once they "Finalize," they can no longer make further changes to the document.

Notifying the next signer
If the sign request has a "Signing Order" enforced, and there are additional signers on the document, then the next signer will be granted permission to the document and will be notified that it's their turn to sign. To learn more, see: Sign Requests: Signing Order.

Notifying the sender
If there's no one left to sign the document, then all parties will be notified that the document has been finalized.


If you are having trouble accessing the sign request document as the signer, see: I can't access a shared document or Sign Request.


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  • Hi Guys,
    can you please explain whether or not the signer needs to have a dochub account, or is it enough to have 1 paid user account to send sign requests to other people (who don't need a paid dochub account)? Please let me know

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