DocHub Pro for organizations

Enabling DocHub Pro in an organization allows you to manage a single shared subscription that extends the DocHub Pro feature set to all members of the organization.  In essence, an organization Pro subscription has essentially the same effect as creating personal DocHub Pro subscription for each organization member, but the organization subscription allows for centralized billing.

We recommend setting up DocHub Pro in an organization for use cases such as the following:

  • Organizations or teams who need a single place to manage billing for multiple users
  • Individuals with multiple DocHub accounts that all require DocHub Pro

Creating a New Organization

If you haven't yet created your organization, take a look at this article which walks through the steps of creating the organization and (optionally) setting up DocHub Pro for everyone in it.
Creating a DocHub Organization


Setting up DocHub Pro for an Existing Organization

Adding DocHub Pro to your Organization allows you to extend its features to all members of the organization and be able to manage the billing settings in one centralized place.  A personal DocHub plan is billed at the same rate per user as an organization plan.

Your Organization Billing Dashboard

First you need to navigate to your organization's billing dashboard.  Note: this is a different billing dashboard than your personal billing dashboard.

To access the organization's billing dashboard, either go to the following URL but replace [your-organization-domain] with your organizations slug (aka: its DocHub domain):[your-organization-domain]/settings/billing

Alternatively, navigate as follows:
DocHub > your organization dashboard > settings > billing

Add DocHub Pro or Migrate DocHub Pro to Group

If you don't have an existing personal plan, you'll see "Add DocHub Pro."
If you do have a personal DocHub Pro already setup, you'll see "Migrate DocHub Pro Group." 

Click the option to setup DocHub Pro and then follow the instructions.

Choose your billing cycle:  monthly or annually.

Select the number of users for your pro subscription.  This number should be the total number of users you plan to have in the organization.  You can upgrade or downgrade this number after subscribing.  Increasing the number of users will be applied

Enter your billing information.

Click "Start DocHub Pro"

You can only pay by credit card on our website, but you can also pay by check, ACH, or wire transfer by contacting DocHub Support.  

Managing Organization Settings

You can add or remove users and manage subscription settings anytime.  To use the following URLs, replace [your-organization-domain] with your organization's slug (aka: its DocHub domain).  Alternatively, navigate by clicking through the site as described.

Organization Billing Dashboard
DocHub > your organization dashboard > settings > billing[your-organization-domain]/settings/billing

Manage or Edit DocHub Pro Subscription
DocHub > your organization dashboard > settings > billing > change plan[your-organization-domain]/settings/billing/update-plan

Organization People 
DocHub > your organization dashboard > settings > people[your-organization-domain]/settings/people

Organization Faxing Dashboard
DocHub > your organization dashboard > settings > fax[your-organization-domain]/settings/fax

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