Editing a Sign Request after it's been sent

Editing a Sign Request through Document and or Signer Actions

DocHub allows limited editing of a Sign Request after creation, including Document Actions, such as downloading, printing, making a copy, sharing, voiding (Sign Request), and destroying, and Signer actions, which include sending reminders, reassigning email addresses, and removing the signer. Following outlined actions can be found on the document audit page and all actions carry a record of who performed the action and relevant information, such as geolocation, date time, and author. These records can be found within the Document's audit history.

Document Actions

document_actions.pngDocument actions can be accessed through 'Document Actions' dropdown on the document audit page.

Make a Copy

Creates a copy of the document before the Sign Request was created. This option is usually used when needing to create another Sign Request with different recipient(s) or if you made a mistake and need to make an edit and resend. If using this option, consider first, DocHub's Document Template feature.

Share or Send

Manages access for the Sign Request, attaching or removing a public URL share link, as well as sending the Sign Request Document via email. Further information:

Void Sign Request

Cancels the Sign Request and disables Signers the ability to fill and finalize the Sign Request.

Destroy Document

Removes the Sign Request and deletes the document. This action cannot be undone.   

Signer Actions


Signer actions can be accessed through 'Signer Actions' dropdown on the document audit page.

Send Reminder

Send a follow-up reminder to the Signer when their action is pending. Automatic Reminders can be configured from the Sign Request page. 

Individuals: dochub.com/settings/sign-requests

Organizations: from the Organization's dashboard, using the left-hand navigation panel, go to Settings > Sign Requests

Reassign Email Address

Signer can be changed if they did not Finalize or Reject the Sign Request. Once reassignment the new recipient will receive the Sign Request notification and may begin to complete the required singing action when required. 

Remove Signer

Similar to Reassigning Email Address, a Signer can only be removed if they have not Finalized or Reject the Sign Request. This action removes them from the signing workflow and any further notifications. All assigned fields will be left blank.

Editing Sign Request Content

A Sign Request's content cannot be edited outside of what a Signer has access to, which includes fields and annotations (if the 'edit' option was selected when creating the Sign Request). 

If changes are required, for example, updating terms and conditions of a contract, the Sign Request should be voided and a new Sign Request created. The steps involved are as follows: 

  1. Void the Sign Request
  2. Make a Copy
  3. Apply Edits
  4. Create a New Sign Request 
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