Filtering & searching documents in your Dashboard

Your Dashboard can be easily searched and filtered for when you'd like to view a smaller list of documents that meet certain criteria. You can narrow down the list using these search & filter methods:


You can also combine criteria in a single search (e.g. documents owned by you AND with a certain label or status). Just keep selecting or entering additional criteria, and you'll see more tags added underneath and within the search field at the top. Click the X next to a tag to remove it as a search criteria.


View by Category

The default view of your Dashboard is chronological and lists of all documents in your DocHub account. The other sections on the left side will group your documents by category and includes the following views:

  • Inbox
    Documents you've been invited to fill out and sign or ones you've added yourself as a signer or copies of templates you've filled. You'll see a badge count number in orange for documents requiring your attention (the ones with Status: In Progress (my turn)).
  • Sent
    Documents you've sent for signature & filled copies of your public templates.
  • Documents
    Regular, single-use documents you've created.
  • Templates
    Templates you've created with links to view copies of each template.
  • Public
    All of your documents with Privacy set to Public 
  • Fax Inbox
    Documents you've received via your DocHub Fax Line number. 


Filter by Document Properties

All sections of your Dashboard include a Filter menu in the upper right of your list of documents which can be used to filter the list according to document properties (listed below).


  • Me 
  • Others


  • In Progress (my turn)
  • In Progress (waiting)
  • Finalized
  • Error 
  • Rejected
  • Removed


  • Private
  • Public
  • Has Share Link


  • Will Expire


  • Not Shared
  • Shared with Me
  • Shared with Others


  • Me 
  • Others


  • Me
  • Others

Note: Each Dashboard section will vary on which properties are listed in the Filter menu since some properties don't apply to some of the default views/categories. 

Filter by Label

Use the Labels menu to filter the view to only list documents with a particular label. Just select a label from the menu. 


You can create & edit labels from the Labels menu above the list of documents or by going to

To attach a label, select a document in your Dashboard and click on the Label menu at the top and select one. 

Search by Document Title

Enter text into the Search field at the top of your Dashboard to only list documents with a Title that matches your search terms.

Use the Filter or Labels menu to narrow the search results even further. 

Search by Email

Enter any email address into the Search field at the top of your Dashboard to view documents you've shared with a particular person. 




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