Certified documents and verified signatures (Adobe Acrobat valid eSignatures)


Documents signed on DocHub may be downloaded as a PDF with an embedded digital signature that ensures the document hasn't been modified and proves its authenticity.  Digitally signed PDFs may be created by downloading certified copies your documents or through sign requests.

Downloading certified copies of a PDFs 

To obtain a digitally certified PDF of your document: 

  1. Open the download modal for the document
  2. Check the "certify document" option
  3. Download


Sign Requests automatically certify PDFs

PDFs created from a DocHub Sign Request will be automatically digitally signed and certified.  This includes all revisions of the document and the audit trail


Viewing digitally signed PDFs with Adobe Acrobat

The digital signatures created by DocHub are best viewed using Adobe Acrobat.  When viewing a DocHub digital signature in Acrobat, it may appear similar to the image below.  A green check indicates the signature is valid and the document has not been modified since it was signed.   

Digital signature content and details

In addition to the time the digital signature was created, DocHub's digital signatures may embed information about the document's signers and/or creator.  Signer information included in the signature may include any of the following:  name, email and geolocation.  While the signature itself may appear with "Signed by DocHub LLC <signatures@dochub.com>," these specific signer details appear in the field for "Signature Details" > "Reason."  

LTV enabled

DocHub's digital signatures are "LTV enabled."  This feature prevents the validity of the signature from expiring when viewed with Acrobat.

X.509 PKI Security

DocHub uses an X.509 PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) certificate to certify the PDF. To view the certificate and related information, click "Signature Details" > "Certificate Details..."

Legal Information

DocHub adheres and conforms to the rules and intent of the US Federal ESIGN Act. To learn more, see: Are DocHub eSignatures legally binding?.




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