DocHub Pro billing for multiple teams or organizations

DocHub organizations allow you to share documents and/or billing between multiple users easily. If you work with multiple teams, you may want to set up multiple DocHub organizations to allow sharing of documents within each team. 

Instead of creating separate Pro subscriptions for each of your document-sharing  organizations, create a separate organization expressly to manage DocHub Pro for everyone. 

If you have multiple DocHub organizations and need DocHub Pro for some or all of the organizations' users, we recommend creating a DocHub organization with the express purpose of managing the subscription and billing. The organization for managing billing should include all the users from the other organizations. Because any organization with DocHub Pro enabled will extend its features to all its members, this setup has the same effects as creating multiple subscriptions. The key benefits of this centralized billing organization are that it (a) simplifies billing and (b) avoids double paying for users that are in more than one Organization.

We accept payments by credit card, check, ACH, or wire transfer.

A multiple organization example setup

For example, if you have two organizations, Red Squadron and Gold Squadron, your setup may look like the following:

  • Red Squadron — for sharing documents
  • Gold Squadronfor sharing documents
  • Rebellion Billing [DocHub Pro Enabled] manages billing
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