I can't find missing files that I worked on recently

Anytime you edit a file on DocHub it automatically gets saved to our servers.  Unless you deleted the document from DocHub, you should be able to find it somewhere.

Search Your Dashboard

You can search all files in your DocHub by filename from your DocHub homepage, dochub.com.  Use the documents page and the other sections on your dashboard to help narrow your scope.

Check Your Alternate Email

The most common cause of users not finding their files, is simply that the file is saved in another DocHub account.  Try logging in with your personal email or business email and searching your dashboard for that account.

In other cases (not applicable to Gmail), you may have another separate DocHub account if you use alternate spellings or aliases with your email.

Check Your Organizations

If you created or joined any organizations on DocHub, your organizations will have separate dashboards so try looking there too.

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  • it says i needa doc pro subscription whickh i paid for but the features do not work

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