Merging documents within DocHub

DocHub offers the ability to merge documents together, creating one single combined document. This can be useful if you have several documents or templates in DocHub that you would like to send as a package. Once you merge the documents together, all functionality remains and you can edit the combined document as well as send it for signatures.

First, open Page Manager while viewing one of your documents or templates by clicking DocHub_UI_-_Page_Controls_icon.png on the left side of the Tool Bar and click on Screen_Shot_2019-04-26_at_3.36.47_PM.png at the bottom of the panel.


Once clicked, a modal will pop up revealing the option to import a file or select a PDF from within 'Your DocHub' account.


Click on the 'Your DocHub' button, and a file selector will appear.


Once you have selected the files you wish to merge into the document you have open, choose where you would like the document pages to be inserted and hit the 'Append' button.


Your documents are now merged together into one single document.


Once finished, you can continue using the combined document as you would any other DocHub document. The merge feature is also available for templates. If you need to convert it back to a template after merging, click on File menu DocHub_UI_-_File_menu_button.png > Actions > Convert to Template. 

For more information and other Page Manager tools, see Reorder, rotate, remove & add pages using the Page Controls panel.

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