DocHub Pro pricing plans for schools

We offer two Academic Site Licenses for DocHub Pro, or you can receive a 50% discount on our regular organizational pricing plans for Pro.  

If you need to pay with a purchase order, please contact DocHub Support. We can accept PO's on invoices over $100 with the option to pay by check, credit card, ACH, or wire transfer.

Site Licenses

500 User Site License
$200 / month

Unlimited User Site License
$500 / month

The site licenses are the best deal we offer for DocHub Pro especially if you have more than 80 users. When you subscribe to a Site License, it makes the upgrade super easy where your faculty or students will be automatically upgraded to Pro by simply logging in to DocHub with their school domain email address. To get started, just create an organization for your school and then go to to start the subscription. 

Organization Pro subscription with Academic Discount

If you only need DocHub Pro for less than 80 users, alternatively, we can apply a 50% discount to our organizational plan which can be seen at With this option, you would need to add the email address for each of your users to your organization.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Create an organization for your school.
  2. Invite your members by entering each of their email addresses on the People page for your organization (you can invite multiple at a time by separating the emails with a comma). 
  3. Start a 30 day trial at and contact us to apply the 50% coupon, or if you are unable to use a credit card, just contact us after creating the organization. 




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