Teacher: I'm not able to view or markup my student's assignments in DocHub.

If your student has turned in an assignment in Google Classroom, but you are either unable to view or edit the document in DocHub, your students should set you as a Contributor before (or after) turning it into Google Classroom. This way, you'll be able to access it and grade it with markup in DocHub. 

Alternatively, you could just make a copy of it which will keep the student's work and let you add your own grading annotations in a new copy. To do this, just click on File menu DocHub_UI_-_File_menu_button.png > Actions > Make a Copy.

Here is how your students can add you as a Contributor:

  1. Click on the Share or Send ​​ button.
  2. Click Edit on the right side of the Share window that opens.
  3. Enter your email address into the bottom field as a Contributor. 
  4. Click Send.
  5. Close the Share window.
  6. Save it to Google Classroom and turn it in. 




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