Uploading documents directly to your organization instead of your individual account

By default, all files you upload to DocHub are opened and added to your individual account, but you can also configure it to go directly to your organization for Google Drive imports and direct uploads. 

Direct Uploads

Each organization has its own upload page, which you can find by going to its homepage and clicking the New Document button. If you don't see your organization name in the upper left, just click your name and choose your organization from the drop-down menu:

Or, you can also go directly to the URL for your organization's upload page, which is in this format: https://dochub.com/organization_username/new

Or, on the upload page for your individual account, you can change the Owner drop-down menu to the organization before uploading:

Google Drive Imports

You can set the default Import Destination when using Open With in Google Drive by going to your Account Settings and use the drop-down menu to choose your organization:

Moving your account documents to your organization

If you have documents already in your individual account and would like to move them to your organization or vice versa, see this article: Transfer documents between your account and organization.

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