Receive email notifications for Sign Requests and filled copies of a template in your organization

Templates owned by an Organization

If you'd like to receive email notifications when someone fills a copy of a template owned by your organization and when it's sent as a Sign Request, the conditions below must be met. These notifications will include receiving a PDF attachment of every finalized copy. 

  • The template must be owned by an organization
  • Your role in that organization must be a Content Manager, Admin, or Owner
  • Your email must be added as an Admin, Contributor, or Viewer in the Sharing Permissions for that particular template

To make sure these requirements are all true, you should open the template and click on Share or Send Dochub_UI_-_Share_or_Send_button.png in the upper right, and the Share window should look like below where the person wanting to receive notifications is listed and has the blue checkbox for Sign request notifications checked:

If you see a strikethrough over Receive notifications like shown below, the template must not be owned by the organization or the person needs to be promoted to something higher than the Agent role in that organization. 

You can adjust a member's role on the People page for the organization, and you can change the owner of the document in that Share window by clicking on the Edit button and using the Owner drop-down menu. 

Transfer documents between your account and organization

Organization Roles and Permissions

Templates owned by an individual account

Alternatively, if it's a template owned by your individual account, you can designate someone to receive notifications on an individual Sign Request in the window before sending it, which will include emailing them the Finalized copy. This action will only include them on notifications for that single Sign Request copy. They won't receive notifications about any future copies of the parent template. 

To do this on an individual Sign Request copy, just expand the Permissions sections when sending a Sign Request and click on Add or Edit Viewers:

Then, enter their email address as a recipient by adding them as a Viewer, Contributor, or Admin in the bottom Copy Preview section and check the box for Sign request notifications for the person.




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