Not sending shared document emails

Up until January 2023, I was able to send shared document emails. Even though the "notify people" box is clicked, it's not sending a notification email. 



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    This has been fixed.

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  • This error is happening again

    Recipient 1 is receiving the email and is able to fill 

    Recipient 2 is not receiving the email in order to sign the document


    I have tried with different emal accounts the issue is the same please help it is urgent

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  • If the sign request has a "Signing Order" enforced, and there are additional signers on the document, then the next signer will be granted permission to the document and will be notified that it's their turn to sign. The first signer needs to fill out their assigned fields and finalized the document first before the second signer can receive the email notification for their turn to sign the document. To learn more, see the article below. 
    Sign Requests: Signing Order
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. 


    Tan DocHub support

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