Dochub not keeping edits/saving, also not exporting/integrating with Google Drive/Classroom

I've emailed you a couple times about this issue and am still awaiting a response.  I have Chromebooks which do not have editable PDF capacity so am using the free dochub with my students.   However, some students filled-in PDFs do export correctly to Google Drive and classroom while some do not.  On some days, dochub keeps student edits and other days it does not.  Are you having server problems?   I've also not received any replies despite a couple support requests I've filled out.  Is there a number I can call you at to discuss?



  • To look into the issue, any Google integration accounts with email addresses following the format 2700 _ _ _ _ would have the PDFs involved. Students report that on their Chromebooks, dochub sometimes will not save their edits (fill-ins in editable form fields in the PDF) intermittently. We haven't experienced connectivity issues related so I deduce this problem is purely a dochub server problem. I've checked to ensure students are not using VPNs or Chrome extensions on these Chromebooks to bypass the district filter which could be interfering so have ruled out that possibility. I've also had them clear their cache and reauthorize/integrate Google accounts with and that also has not fixed the problem. Further when they go to download/export, Google Drive, and UPDATE AND OVERWRITE EXISTING, it doesn't update and overwrite existing, or it works for some students and not others. I'm wondering if our district's internet filter is somehow interfering. Can you give me a list of sites to whitelist through our Bottlerocket Lightspeed internet filter so we can see if that's a problem, and can you let me know if you're having server problems? Is there a number I can reach tech support through? I've emailed previously and not received any replies.

  • This is happening with me also

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