App will not open

From GoogleDrive, clicking on "Open With" and selecting DocHub. The startup screen appears, 50% of the time, and the page doesn't error out it just loads a blank page. Nothing to see. Refreshing the page gets you the same results: blank page. 



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    Yes, it's most likely a caching issue in your browser. Clearing your cache should resolve it:

    Clearing your browser's cache (Chrome)

  • DocHub will not start up from the "Google Apps" menu on the main screen of GoogleDrive, either. Again loads a blank page without any error messages. 

  • Is there any solution to this yet???

  • This is BS!!! i cannot open anything!! Who do i get in touch with to fix this??


  • I also cannot open anything.  I'm in Google Chrome.  Windows 10 was just placed on our machines last week.

    We operate on a federal govt network.  I really need to use DocHub and hope they are paying attention to this

    issue.  Please look into it.

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