Edit text (fillable PDF) in template after being finalized by client. (no signature required)

I've made some templates which are strictly used as worksheets where clients answer certain questions. (Not contracts)

It has worked great, the clients know what they need to answer and what is required, but my only issue is the fact that once the client finalizes the document I can't go back and edit their answers. Clients tend to leave questions blank and/or input the wrong information. It would be nice to be able to fix/edit their mistakes since the template itself is not made to be a contract, just a fillable form. That way I can make sure all the information is correct and I don't have to go back and fill out an ENTIRELY NEW copy myself. It happens with majority of the clients. I have them fill out the form to save time, without being able to edit the fillable form, it defeats the whole purpose. 



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    One way around this is to add yourself as the last signer on the document and enable annotations for yourself. This way once the last signer before you finalizes the document you will receive an email that it is your turn, after which you can edit the document before finalizing. We do not currently have a way to edit/re-open documents once they have been finalized, but we are looking into adding a workflow for this in the near future.

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  • How do you add yourself as the last signer so you can modify document after client returns form to you?

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