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I haven't been able to figure out a method to do so, but I would like to use Dochub templates as an overlay for multiple documents.

We would like to use Dochub to go paperless, and we have estimates and invoices that customers must sign. The signature field is in the same location on each form, but the work completed, total cost, and parts are all different from customer to customer and often estimate to final invoice.

Thus having this ability, if it hasn't already been implemented, would be very useful to us.

Thank you!



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    I am looking for a similar thing: I want to be able to upload a contract PDF and have it auto send to my customer for a signature. The contracts all have the signature section in the same place, so a template would be great.

    (And it would work great with a Zapier integration too!)

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  • We are looking to use dochub for invoice "signoffs" (approvals) that require different templates for each signoff that I would love to overlay on an invoice when sending to the approver! +1

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  • I am looking for this similar feature, I will call transparent template, that has the signature field placed along with otther needed fileds (date and time) , this transparent template  will help in applying the the needed fileds to a pdf file that is already created from another software and just needs signature field.


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