Unable to export documents to OneDrive

Two different documents, one this morning, and one this afternoon, failed to export to OneDrive.

This is the first time I have attempted to export to OneDrive.

I am able to see my OneDrive folders, and I tried saving each document in a different folder on OneDrive.

The error message both times was:

Failed to export to OneDrive

I found the KnowledgeBase article on how it's supposed to work:


Anyone else seeing this?  How can I better troubleshoot it?



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    Thank you for letting us know about this. After further investigation it looks like OneDrive for Business does not support URL uploads, so unfortunately our exporting feature won't work until they add this feature.


    We added a little note to the export modal for future users:

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  • Yes I have the same error : "Failed to export to OneDrive"

    I'm also able to see the One drive folder, but I receive the error while trying to save the document.

    I'm using Onedrive for business.

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  • Current workaround is to:

    1. Export as PDF to computer
    2. Go to OneDrive
    3. Upload PDF from computer
    4. Choose to "replace" (will this preserve history?)

    Approximately 12 clicks instead of the expected 4 clicks.

    Integration with Google Drive works much better, including revision management.

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  • Error persists, but doesn't fail until after selecting the destination folder:

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  • so what should we do to solve the problem?

    Best regards

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