Gmail - Google API Import Error: File not found

Hi, within gmail I am used to using the "open with" function for attachments and selecting DocHub.  Now when I do this I get an error in Doc Hub:

Google API Import Error: File not found. Solutions to this error include: * In Google Drive, ensure the file exists in your account and that you have sucfficient permissions to it, then retry importing. * Using the Google Drive button in the form below below, locate and retry importing your file. * Download the file to your computer, then import that downloaded copy using the 'Computer' button below.

(by the way, there's a typo in sufficient)

I still want to have the direct functionality to open an attachment from my email in Dochub, and not mess around with saving and uploading anything.  How do I get this to work again? 





  • I am having similar issue. I am trying to open a Google Drive Computers file from my wifes shared Computers folder. I right click on the XLS file and Dochub responds with "Google API Import Error: File not found". I think it expects the file to be on my computer and does not get it directly from Google Drive. Not useful if that is the case.

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  • I am having a similar issue, can you assist please

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  • Hello,
    I'm happy to let you know that the issue you brought to our attention has been fixed by our developers. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.
    Please let me know if you experience any further issues, and I’ll be happy to assist you.

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