Email Delivery Failure notice with every contract we send

Whenever we send a contract via DocHub we receive a notification that the contract failed to send.

The requested signers are receiving the contract, they're able to sign the contract and we receive a notification that the document has been signed.

The correct people are receiving the emails but we continue to receive "failed to send" messages.

Is there a setting in DocHub to change this or is it on the DocHub side? Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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    Does that person possibly have a Vacation Responder (Out of Office Auto Response) turned on? If so, DocHub might be mistaking it for a bounce since that sends an instant reply back to DocHub and is still considered a "soft bounce". Our developers are currently looking into it for you. 

    If the person doesn’t have an auto-response configured, a bounced email means that it was successfully sent but that there is an issue on the receiving end. Common reasons include “username doesn’t exist”, “mailbox is full”, etc.

    For a Sign Request, if you've sent it to a bad email address, you can always reassign the email address for a signer on the Manage and Audit page for the document.


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  • The strange thing is that this happens with every single contract we send, whether people have autoresponders or not. The error message is:


    20190620 - S***** M******* & Monica L**** Contract document failed to send

    One or more emails could not be sent for 20190620 - S***** M******* & Monica L**** Contract. Either the address does not exist, or it cannot receive emails at this time.


    You can manage signers and resend this document here.


    And when we go to review the email addresses and signers, there are no errant email addresses or additional signers. Moreover, we only get this error message once the contract has been signed. When the signer completes the contract, I'll get a notification that the contract is signed AND the error message within seconds of each other.

    Are we getting this error because WE have an autoresponder on our email account?

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  • Yes, it's most definitely due to you having the autoresponder turned on and in reference to the Finalized document email you are receiving. Our developers will look into it as well. Thanks for your patience. 

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  • Ah, that makes sense! We kept getting these messages and also signed contracts, so it was quite the mystery!

    Thank you!

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