Make this my One-Stop-Shop

Hey, wouldn't it be cool if you could just open up dochub and there be all your documents, your email, a note taking service, and a task managing service shared among your team?


Because if we make this a thing, we can make DocHub even better that Google Suite! And you won't have to switch tabs 400,000 times a day!


So all I am requesting:

  • A Nice, organized document hub where you can see all your DocHub documents, and Google Drive files.
  • A A full email tab where you can see and reply to everyone (And maybe even Google Hangouts integration!)
  • A Google Keep integration (Or even your own note taking service)
  • A Google Task integration (Or even you own so you can share it between your team)
  • And everything in one DocHub Tab!

Thank you so much,






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