Custom email for each template

I would like each template to have it's own email subject and body.  This way, when i send out a copy of the 'Lease' template for signing, the body would automatically say "Here is the lease for you to sign'.  And when I send out a copy of the 'Lead Based Paint Disclosure' the email body would automatically say "This document is required for all buildings built before 1972.  Please sign it to acknowledge receipt".







  • I would like this as well.

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  • As a teacher using DocHub, it would be helpful to have multiple email bodies for templates.  I also coach and having to send out permission slips, registration forms, etc requires that I compose a new email body each time and I have to have a file of the email that I can copy and paste as needed.  

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  • I'll switch to DocHub when this feature becomes available.

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  • Same here. We are now evaluating DocHub and this is one of the features we would expect to be supported

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