Return to Previous Signer for Changes

Our practice would like to request the ability for subsequent signers to return forms back to previous signers for changes in cases of wrong or missing information. So for example:

signer1 finalizes > signer2 notices errors > signer2 returns form to signer1 for do-over



  • This is also something that I would like to see. We spend a lot of time finalizing  documents that are not accurate and I feel that it is a waste of time and makes for an inaccurate document we are trying to have binding. 

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  • I want this too.  In my case, I've found a work-around that may work in some situations:

    1. Document is finalized (e.g., an application for an apartment)
    2. I notice the finalized application does not have all the information I want them to enter
    3. I use the "Make a Copy" feature on the finalized document
    4. In the "Make a Copy" window i choose "Clear Signature Fields" and I change the name to "...v. 2" to differentiate it from the original
    5. Once the copy is created, I can see all the fields still contain the information the applicant entered, except the signature fields.
    6. I click "Prepare Sign Request" to send the application (with a note in the sign request email about what I expect them to add or change) back to the applicant to correct and sign again.

    (This would work in cases where the owner/sender of the document is making the decision whether the document is complete/correct. It doesn't allow another signer to make that determination and bump the doc back to a previous signer, but at least it doesn't require the signer(s) to re-fill all the fields again)

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