Add multiple signature fields on large documents

In my organization we usually sign (at least with our initials) on every single page. To say that, yes I have proof read this page.

But those documents also are 150+ pages!

I need a tool to be able to insert 1-4 x 150 fields, 1-4 fields on every page. At the same position and to the same person.

The signer should not be able to sign all of them at once (thus removing the point to sign every page).



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  • This would be an extremely helpful feature, I'll add my vote in favor of this!  One way to implement this would be to allow multi-select of existing fields, and allow copy & paste of selected field(s).  For example, you then would be able to add a set of signature or initial fields on the first page, select all those fields, copy them to the clipboard, then go to each subsequent page and "paste", and they'll appear in the same locations and relative positions on the current page. To further extend the "paste" function, there could be an option to paste clipboard contents onto all pages at once.

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