Multi-select fields, Multi-Change fields, Copy-Paste fields

There was a previous post "Ability to select multiple boxes at once" about this, but this extends the concept to its logical next step.

Plainly, the ability to select multiple fields in a template at once is one of the most important gateway features to many other features.

Multiple fields should be able to be selected by the standard [shift] or [ctrl] (or [cmd] on a Mac), just like you can select multiple files at once in Finder or Windows Explorer. A rubber-band feature to select a range of fields would also be useful.  Additional multi-select tools could include:

  • Select all fields of a certain type (e.g., all signature fields, or all date fields).
  • Select all fields on the current page
  • Select all fields assigned to a specific signer (or not assigned)

Once multiple fields are selected, you should be able to edit them as a group in every way that makes conceivable sense. For example:

  • Move them as a group (keeping relative positions)
  • Change font size as a group (for fields for which font size applies)
  • Change assigned (or not assigned) as a group
  • Change required/not required as a group
  • Delete them as a group
  • Copy them to the clipboard and paste copied fields to other locations in the document

Note the last option: Copy and Paste.  That's currently not available even for single fields, but obviously is extremely important, especially in conjunction with multi-select.  A great use-case for this is putting signature or initial fields on many pages of a document:  You could create a set of initial fields on the first page and configure and position them appropriately on the bottom of the page, select them all, copy them to the clipboard, then go to each subsequent page and paste them, where they would appear in the same location on that page.  For extremely long documents that need initial fields on each page, a "Paste to All Pages" feature would be useful as well.

Implementing this suite of features would DRAMATICALLY save time when working with large documents with many fields, especially those that change frequently.  For example, I use a lease agreement prepared by a rental housing association that keeps it updated with the latest local and state regulations.  Every time they come out with a new version, I have to import it into DocHub and change the owners of all the fields (over 100) and add signature or initial fields to each of the 10 pages - it gets extremely tedious.  These features would cut my work time by an order of magnitude - no joke!





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    Thank you for contacting DocHub Community.

    Currently, the features you're inquiring about are not available. Most likely, it is already on the roadmap of our development team, as they constantly work on improving the product and adding new features. However, at this time, we cannot provide any specific ETA when the feature will become available.

    If there's anything else you'd like to see added or changed in the product, please let us know. We really appreciate the feedback from our customers. You help us make the product better!

    Have a great day!

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  • Glad to see this is already requested, sad that it needed to be (obvious), sadder there's no comment from Dochub, curious what threshold actually gets their attention.

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