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It would be really helpful to be able to save email addresses/contacts, it's frustrating having to open outlook to copy an email address and then paste it into Dochub. We don't use Gmail we use Microsoft so that's not an option for us unfortunately. 

Even if we could manually save contacts or anything at all. 



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    Thank you for contacting DocHub Community. 

    Currently, DocHub lets you import only your Google Contacts for quick autofill of email addresses for your saved contacts. Once imported, you'll see typeahead suggestions for quick selection and entry in any email address field in DocHub. For more detailed information on how to do it, please check the following link: Import your Google Contacts for quick autofill of email addresses

    Most likely our development team already working on adding alternative contact lists to the Sign Request tool, as they constantly work on improving the product and adding new features. However, at this time, we cannot provide any specific ETA for when the feature will become available.

    If there's anything else you'd like to see added or changed in the product, please let us know. We appreciate the feedback from our customers. You help us make the product better!

    Have a great day!

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  • Yes please!  really annoying to have to manually add email addresses every time.  Adobe saves them!

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