1. Super grateful to you guys.  When I opened up my business in 2015 I was lucky enough to find dochub which made it super easy to work with documents in Gsuite
  2. I have some ideas that may or may not be of interest
  • Add attachments to esign request
  • Improve on document storage and sharing (ie use it as a client document portal that can be customized/branded).  In addition, would be amazing if we could create/add tags which would then automatically create a folder.  then moving forward everytime a document is tagged it goes into that same folder.
  • Highlight text and edit instead of only whiteout
  • Send request for documents/attachments (template ie. standard intake forms for new client)
  • Add e-notary service
  • integrate payment service (ie send esign that includes request for payment link)
  • Ability to comment and chat with team members (@ mention)



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